Our Story: What We Do & Why We Do It

The Inspiration:

Gifts of Hope was created after several friends and family members experienced great losses. I had such a desire to comfort them in some small way and to let them know that they were not alone in their trial. I decided to send care packages with items like journals, tea, and jewelry. As I looked for a sympathy card I was left disappointed by their lack of comfort and empathy and decided to write poetry from my heart instead. My poetry is written with an intention to meet the recipient in their sorrow and to grieve alongside them while gently reminding them of the promises God gives us in His Word. In a world that is filled with sorrow and suffering, the only true hope we have lies in the unfailing words of Christ. I realized that many people desire to do something special for loved ones facing hard times, but are often unsure what to do or say. My hope is that Gifts of Hope meets the heart of the gift giver with the need of the recipient and that both parties feel blessed. Our team has meticulously hand selected each item in the shop so you can rest assured that your loved one is getting high quality gifts from your heart to theirs.

- Emily

The Application:

Gifts of Hope offers a unique gifting service that caters primarily to those suffering, grieving or in need of encouragement. We have thoughtfully selected each item in our gift boxes with a mission to tangibly comfort the hurting and offer them the lasting hope that is only found in Scripture. Many of our products are all natural or organic making them wonderful gifts for the ailing. Every Gift comes with an original poem, beautifully printed on parchment. Our poems are written in a manner that meets the reader in their trial (never minimizing it) and offers them encouragement by incorporating the beautiful promises of God. Our gifts are a wonderful addition or alternative to the traditional gift of flowers and offer lasting reminders of your love and thoughtfulness. With each light of their candle, entry in their journal, or warm sip of tea, they will remember that they are not alone in their suffering; they are cared for and cherished. As an added ministry, Gifts of Hope prays for each recipient by name during the week their gift ships. We hope you enjoy our services and that your loved one is encouraged by your selfless Gift of Hope.