Can I buy a box for myself?

Certainly! Many of our gift boxes offer items that are simply intended to encourage and uplift. We could all use a little encouragement from time to time so go ahead, treat yourself!

What is your return policy?

Because each gift box is carefully selected and contains consumable goods, returns are not accepted.

How quickly will my loved one receive their Gift of Hope?

We ship 2-3 day Priority Mail via USPS. We are a small entity and carefully package every box by hand. For shipments to the west coast, please allow 5-7 business days for final receipt.

When are you adding more box combinations?

We are constantly updating our boxes with carefully selected products! Check back often for the latest offerings and seasonal selections. Lots of exciting things are in the works!

Can I make my own gift box combination?

While we don't offer this right now, we are considering this option in the future. Please write us and tell us how you would combine a box.

Is it ever "too late" to send a Gift of Hope?

It is never to late to show compassion and love to someone. Many people are flooded with visits, letters, flowers etc right after an incident occurs.  It is often in the months or even years to follow that they are hit with the reality of their loss or illness. The overwhelming support they received shortly following the incident is usually all but gone a few months later and that can be a wonderful time to send a Gift of Hope. Their Gift of Hope will show them that they have not been forgotten and that they are thought of and loved.

I love your teas, candles, and soaps. Can I order just those without buying an entire box?

This is a common scenario. You or your loved one receives a Gift of Hope and falls in love with the tea, soap, or candles and want more! We understand and hope to offer these individual products in the future! Please check back often and write to us telling us your favorites!

I'm not sure which box to choose for my loved one, can you help me choose?

Yes! We love helping pick out the perfect gift for your loved one. Simply email us by using the "contact us" page here on the website. Someone from our team will be able to assist you within 24 hours.

Can I use one of the poems on Gifts of Hope's site?

If you wish to use one of our poems for any reason please contact us to gain permission. All poems are the sole property of Gifts of Hope and may not be used without permission.

I live locally to Gifts of Hope headquarters. Can I pick up my gift in person?

Sure! Before placing an order, contact us via email and we will make special arrangements.

Do you offer bulk orders for events or fundraisers?

We'd be happy to discuss working together with you for a like-minded cause and can offer discounts on bulk purchases. Contact us via email for further details.

Do you offer subscription services for my loved one?

Our future plan is to offer boxes that are shipped monthly or quarterly, enabling you to truly give a lasting gift to your loved one. Stay tuned!