Last week I received one of your lovely boxes from Gifts of Hope. What a blessed surprise that was. I was so pleased with all the precious little gifts inside: candle, lip balm, soap, tea, honey and other things as well. Your poem was beautiful too. You have a gift and you've created a very thoughtful and special way to minister to people who are ill or suffering. May the Lord bless this ministry of yours.
Barbara L, California

I recently moved across the country. My dear friend's husband suddenly became quite ill. I wanted to give her a hug and be there for her but the distance would not allow for that. Gifts of Hope was the perfect solution! I was able to send them a gift box that showed I cared. My friends were so touched and felt as though a hug had traveled through the mail to them. I love knowing I can send meaningful gifts and virtual hugs through Gifts of Hope.
With Love,
Melissa, North Carolina

Friends of ours recently lost their daughter to cancer. Their family has been stalwarts of faith, but grief is grief, regardless. I contacted Gifts of Hope and asked them to put together a box that would remind the parents that they were surrounded by a circle of friends who shared their faith in Christ and shouldered their burden of loss, but would also encourage them to treasure the years they had shared with their daughter until they are reunited in God's kingdom. I entrusted the choice of contents to Gifts of Hope, knowing they would trust the Holy Spirit for wisdom in preparing the box. Our friends called us immediately after receiving the box, and rejoiced through tears at the perfect blend of teas and mementos, including a tea cup that they decided to call the "Candy cup" after the name of their daughter. As they sit and savor each cup of tea, they reminisce and relive old times, and look to new life beyond time. Thank you, Gifts of Hope. You truly have a special ministry.
With Gratitude,
Ben, Indiana



The gift box I received from Gifts of Hope from a dear friend after the loss of my mother was like opening a treasure box full of love. Each item was purposefully chosen and placed in a gorgeous box. Beautiful vanilla rose bath salts, dried lavender flowers, candles and a CD of beautiful worship music were a special way to say "We're praying for you!" Such a thoughtful array of gifts to soothe and restore. I can't recommend Emily and this new gift idea enough!
Robin, California
Gifts of Hope sent me a beautifully wrapped box of encouragement from a very dear friend. I immediately unwrapped the vanilla scented candle to light while I opened the rest of the items in the box. As I drank the delicious tea with infused vanilla honey on my scone, I read the most encouraging note from my dear friend who meas so much to me. The bar of artisan Soap is so useful with its own wooden dowel soap dish. I will always treasure Emily's encouraging poem "You Are God" and the devotional "Psalms For Today" Words of Hope. Thank you for praying for me and for Gifts of Hope that are sent to encourage. Flowers die, but Emily's Gifts of Hope will minister to people. Contact Emily and let her help you send something valuable to your friend who has a need.
Thank you,
Barbara B, California
Recently I sent Gifts of Hope to two friends who have lost their fathers. Both expressed their appreciation and shared how God used the gift to minister to them in their sorrow. Everything about the experience was a blessing not just to them, but also to me. It was encouraging to know that I was instrumental in their receiving solace and comfort. I will not hesitate to send a Gift of Hope to anyone going through sorrow and loss, and I would do it, not only because of the selection of gifts, but also because I believe the Spirit of God ministered comfort through Gifts of Hope.
Much Love,
Marsha, North Carolina
I absolutely loved my beautiful package of kindness that you sent to me while I was grieving the loss of my mom. Your loving heartfelt words touched my soul and helped me through this most difficult time. It was truly a gift put together with such tender loving care. I will never forget this tangible act of kindness. Thank you from the bottom of my healing heart.
Rhonda, California
Bless you for sending me that wonderful Gift of Hope! Everything in it was so classy, so personal -- the handmade soaps, tea and honey, beautiful music, and the scented candle. All of it communicated rest. Emily has a fantastic idea to offer these gifts to hurting people, in lieu of flowers -- I can easily see many people choosing these gifts of hope as an alternative to sympathy cards and the like. All in all,
Gifts of Hope is such a tangible expression of Jesus' words,"Come to Me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For My yoke is easy and My burden is light" (Matthew 11:28-30). And when you are hurting or grieving, no finer words can be offered than these!
In His Care,
Joni Eareckson Tada, California
This is a wonderful way to show someone who is hurting or in need of encouragement, that you are thinking of them and that they are loved by you. Sending flowers is sweet, but they don't always express how much you care and they always die. These gifts are thoughtful, encouraging, and always point the one receiving the gift towards our Heavenly Father who is our perfect source of comfort and encouragement. I love Gifts of Hope! It's such a cool company and a great way to show others you are thinking of and praying for them.
Christina, California
I just wanted to say how very blessed I was to receive a package from Gifts of Hope. My days have been long with packing and unpacking and because we just moved we weren't getting mail yet. Well, we were getting bills but no mail that was any fun. Then this box came. On just the perfect day. With just the perfect things inside. It was like I picked them out myself somehow! The items were all centered around taking time to stop and meditate and renew. What a unique, useful and heart warming gift. I'm so thankful for the sender and the maker who would think of me and my family and send something so kind. I can't wait to send Gifts of Hope to someone else!
Thank You,
Amy, Kansas

My sister and I received a "Gifts of Hope" box the week after our father unexpectedly passed away. We had already received many beautiful bouquets of flowers from our friends expressing their sympathy, but there was something so special and comforting about this unique gift box. Every word in the poems seemed to strike a chord in our hearts, and the journal allowed an outlet for all the emotions we were experiencing. The tea and music also helped us relax during the stress of that week. It touched on so many of the senses and brought comfort to our souls in a way that a bouquet of flowers could not. I will be sending this to comfort friends during their losses in the future.
With Love,
Christi, California
I just wanted to share with you how your Gifts of Hope blessed me.
I recently lost my husband and best friend of 47 years and was mourning
the loss when I suddenly received this unexpected gift from a longtime friend
who I know loves me and cares for me. “Gifts of Hope” sent a box
filled with love and hope for the future, it was exactly what I needed,
it lifted my spirit with hope. I hope others who are going through the
same painful experience to be blessed like I was with a box of "Gifts of Hope." Thank you for getting your website up so I can place my orders,
and also tell others about this unique and so powerful gift of love.
Thank you,
Tina, California